Matt was born and raised in outback Australia. His formal education was at a boarding school for farmers, majoring in rugby and avoiding math homework. 
As an advertising writer he's worked in top agencies in Sydney, Amsterdam and New York. And for leading global clients such as MTV, Nike, Intel, ESPN, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck.
While Matt knows how to write for youth brands like MTV, he also has the experience to negotiate the complex world of health care advertising, creating powerful ideas that get results. This includes creating the “Pipe People” for VESIcare. The campaign helped VESIcare become brand leader and was awarded a rare Effie Award for Sustained Success. It was the first health and wellness brand to win this award.
During 2012 Matt took a year off to co-write a feature film.
Matt’s now focused on writing advertising stories that make powerful human connections.  
He lives in Brooklyn with his three jars of Vegemite and 8 blues harmonicas.

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